Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quite Some Time...

Sorry to those who read my blog. But firstly, my computer caught a virus, then work seems to have piled up even though I am not enjoying my Wednesday classes over the exam/ semester break.

This afternoon, I have been fortunate to get a ticket to hear former US President, Bill Clinton speak at a conference here in KL. This is the first time I will have ever seen a US President! Quite thrilled at the prospect.

The closest I have come to political proximy in this country was when I met Dr M wandering around KLCC a couple of years ago. We walked along by the outdoor lake for a few minutes and had a brief chat. Quite spontaneously, I put my arm around him, which obviously his bodyguards were not too too concerned about as I am still alive to tell the story!

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DerrickLJMU said...

Welcome back my friend....

So,do you think Bill Clinton looks like me? haha

Thanks for d news on newspaper that you had email to me. Great job!!

Hows Xmas planning? coming soon...Hey d Australian movie that I told you will be release on d
25th Dec on d Xmas day....should bring your Jennifer to watch...myself will go with Farah & Intan if no changes.

Ok arigato

(Think "tomorrow"....Make today's efforts pay off tomorrow)