Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Camera

During my younger days, my friend, Henry, and I spent many wonderful hours indulging in our favourite hobby- photography.

Now, those were the days when the only film- yes, film, not digital- was black and white, and the only money we had to develop our pics was our 'pocket money' or allowance that we got from our parents, or later on, some part -time work.

But that never dampened our enthusiasm and whereever we went, our cameras were always slung around our necks.

In those days, we struggled to buy a small Kodak camera, then after many months of saving, a second hand camera with a variety of shutter speeds and lens openings. It was only when we started working, that we could afford anything that had adjustable lens and exposure meter. Yes, it all sounds so prehistoric, doesn't it, to this generation!

Our dream was to one day own the best camera in the world- the one that the Queen of England has- a Leica.

Well, to cut a long story short, I just recently purchased my first Leica! I was so excited, I even convinced the agent to give me a Leica shirt! My friend Henry told me a year or so back that he had also purchased a Leica.

How many years did we wait for this fantasy to come true? I also have a fantasy of owning a Rolls-Royce car. But that may have to wait a little longer...!

Never give up your dreams...and never lose the 'child' within you!

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