Friday, November 26, 2010

Very Happy and Contented Couple


DerrickLJMU said...

Oppss(you know what I mean)

Anyway,how's life? Hope everything goes well.

Am good here. Work keeps me busy. Am growing.

Cheers man.

David Hume said...

Hi Derrick, so long we haven't spoken; often wonder what you are doing. Email me at Love to hear where u are now. Yes, life is great. And Noor is the reason!

DerrickLJMU said...

Often wonder what you are doing.

You can always give me a phone call. Number remains the same.

The only blog I have is still alive & active. Updated stories over there,feel free to visit. Free entries.

Are you in KL? Meet up for coffee one day. Xmas soon. Time flies.


Imran Ian Mackechnie said...

please email me your number at New phone and lost all old numbers, Derrick. Yes, love to meet up...