Monday, May 2, 2011


A few pics from our wedding in some sort of sequence.

Noor having her hair and make up done

"Have I forgotten anything": before leaving the house for the venue

Arriving at the Concorde Hotel suite where the ceremony was conducted. Looking very relaxed...and beautiful...except for those last minute phone calls!

Ironing her wedding dress in the hotel

The groom gladly accepting some help with his dress!

And the end result looks OK!

"Come on, darling...time to get married!"

Just those last minute touches....!

Signing my marriage papers

"Now just where does it say that the wife is to be obedient?"

The gathering for our wedding ceremony. The seating arrangements for the bride and groom will be somewhat puzzling to a Westerner!

Bride smiling for the cameras during the ceremony

And looking absolutely radiant and beautiful....

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