Monday, November 10, 2008


Tomorrow, I have a full day's teaching at Kolej Teknologi YPC.

Why do I teach? Well, it is a very pleasant way to earn an income. But maybe sitting at a desk, working for some corporation may be more relaxing! Yes, maybe, but teaching is a passion for me; I love to teach!

Firstly, I love what I teach. All learning is a passion and has a fascination for me, but the teaching of business engages us in the commercial world through which human have progressed out of the trees and jungles and into a level of comfort that no one ever imagined. Capitalism and a free market economy that practices modern business practices, that focuses on the needs of customers and provides entrepreneurs and business people with the freedom to serve the needs of consumers is the greatest economic and business system devised by humanity. And I am proud to teach about it!

Secondly, and just as importantly, I love students. I have been one all my life, and still am. Every student is an individual and ever individual is so interesting and has such enormous potential. And their potential is so much greater when they are young. How wonderful to be able to mix with them and teach them!

And thirdly, teaching is about learning. Learning more about what I teach, and learning more about those whom I teach. They have so much to teach me. I love youth. I love what youth should represent; new ideas, creativity, optimism, love, trust, vigor, ambition, striving and hope for the future...

Roll on, Wednesday...


Mira said...

Agree with you. Learning is a life long process.
Sharing my experiences as a mother - I learnt a lot from observing children. They approach life simply, and wholeheartedly in everything they do. In their own innocent way, they are the ones who live life to the full brim. The next time you are in the company of children, observe how they interact with each other, try to spend some time to understand and see things from their perspective - who knows, you might learn a thing or two on how to live, and actually enjoy life!

David Hume said...

Hi Mira! Thanks for your comments. I am not sure that the Kolej Technology students are going to liked been compared to young children, although some act act that way at times! But what you say about the joy of life is so important.