Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009...Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my dear friends! Another year..and we are always 2 days into it! No time to lose; carpe diem..."seize the day"!

Over the past few years, I have had a habit of taking time out to plan for the coming year. In fact, this year I have 6 pages of plans and desires to achieve for 2009. Usually I succeed in about 80% of my New Year goals. This year, I am hoping for 100%!

What are some of your goals for the coming year? Love to hear them..I will share some of mine later...

Have an inspiring and successful 2009!


Brad said...

Hello Dr. first of all I have to say happy New Year and send my best wishes and wish for prosperity for you and your family.
It’s great to go through your blogs to get the clue on how the successful people behave and act through their life. The first impressive point that really influenced me was your previous article regarding to your age.
I always feel I’m behind as the 24 year old and I must be the PhD student instead of doing my second bachelor. Once I noticed your idea I decided to consider my self as the 17 year old instead of 24.
The second point that really did jolt me was the way of scenario planning of yours exactly as the CEO does for the company for your own life. To me, since I’m getting graduated by coming May, having the chance of joining the master program in the Australia or in the States is the main priority.
In addition getting the chance of reading more on the cultural and briefly socio-cultural issues as the micro functions of macro economics is the other priority that I have to consider to enhance my knowledge before getting to the proposal writing of my master thesis.
So briefly, by the December of 2009I must finish my master research in the area of socio culture studies in macro economics as the person who got the knowledge about the contemporary history of political economy in the world (I mean since the 2nd world war) as well as the student who has found the specialized area of his research for his PhD level in his 18th year of his life (not 25)!!!

At the end I have to say thank you for sharing the factors of your success via your blog and letting your students get the knowledge on how to be successful through their life.

David Hume said...

Thanks, Brad. We learn in college that the best companies plan, set goals and objectives, and monitor their performance; so why can't we apply these winning principles to our own lives?

Keep up your good work; keep focused and work towards your goals.

percbound said...

even though i am yet to read ur blog, carpe diem seems to be the in-phrase these i will give it my best and go through it all...however, this short note is to tell you thank you for reading my blog on sex in a cold climate. i read ur profile, the fact that u r a reader is enough for me to admire u so.
subrata roy

David Hume said...

Thanks, Roy. Carpe Diem does express a sense of urgency and there are so many things to do, to achieve, to discuss, to be aware of; so I think the old Latin tag is still relevant. I enjoyed your thoughtful blog and your intense and passionate interest in literature and film