Sunday, March 15, 2009


On the 23rd February my mum passed away after suffering a massive stroke the day before. With me being in Malaysia and my mum in Melbourne, I was unable to get to the hospital before she died. However, she had only remained conscious for a short time after being admitted so maybe distance did not make a difference.

Mum turned 90 last year and we had a wonderful suprise birthday party for her, with family and all her close friends. She still talked about what a wonderful event it had been. She was a very independent lady right up to the last; living alone in her own house and still driving her car. In fact, she had her stroke whilst driving her car to church! So her life was full and vibrant, right up to the end. What else could one wish for?

It seems like an end of an era in my life. My father died 30 years ago. Mum had spent a third of her life as a widow. I now no longer have a 'home' in Melbourne. But maybe it's time to spend more time with my children who are both in Queensland....


DerrickLJMU said...

Be strong Ian. I will always stand besides you. Thanks for the phone chat last week.

R.I.P to your mum.

May god bless all of us.

Your friend,

Brad said...

Hi Dr. Ian

Please accept my sympathy for your loss...
May god rest her soul in peace and may the memories of your life together bring you comfort as well.

Always your student,

Bardia Hariri (Brad)

David Hume said...

Thanks both for your kind comments. As Adam Smith reminds us, the intensity of our grief does pass with time, but as John Keats also reminds us ' A thing of beuty is a joy forever' and that is how I will always feel about my mum

Jonathan Wong said...

Hi Sir,

On behalf of BEM601F’s class, we wish to express our sincere condolences to you and your family. Our prayers are with you. Rest assured of our support at any time.

Janna said...

Hi sir,it is nice to see you back to the blog after such a long time,but unfortunately with a sad topic.I wish to give a salute to your mum to be a great women in the earth until the last time of her's..hope her soul will rest in peace.Hope you will have a great time with your children and wife..and we miss the coffee time with you,so if free please pay us a visit before we leave out of YPC..this regards is send to you from all your class students,take a good care of your self sir.

David Hume said...

Thank you all; you are the best!