Monday, May 25, 2009

Visit to Baoji, China

My lastest trip to China last week took me to the lovely city of Baoji, close to the famous Xian. During my visit to this city of about 4 million people, I was a guest of the Baoji Vocational Technology College which has a current enrollment of about 16,000 students. When the college construction is complete, this number will grow to over 30,000 students. The college currently offers 3 year courses in a range of faculties, including English, nursing, engineering, agriculture, and teaching

The campus is quite vast and modern, having just opened in 2007

The college has a rich history, commencing over 100 years ago, and is the result of the amalgamation of 6 colleges which were scattered around the city

The building project is still continuing and their plans are ambitious and exciting

Still more work to do...

Time to take a tour! The attractive lady on my left is my translator, Dong Li, a teacher from the English department

Trying my hand at being a medical doctor! Fortunately, the patient is only a dummy!

I made a new friend who shared with me his weight loss secrets!

The engineering department, with some of the students working on a lathe

My translator invited me to take a couple of her English classes. This was great fun!

And the students were so friendly!

The teaching material used by the college is first rate!

I was part of a group from Malaysia and Hong Kong discussing providing future overseas programs with the college, so there were meetings and much discussion.

The visit was concluded with the signing of an agreement.

Check out their website:

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DerrickLJMU said...

Great journey,
Brilliant groups of people you met,
In my heart is telling I want to become like you!!!
Meet quality people.

So, do you meet my grand grand father there I mean in China? He was actually from China. Last time, my uncle & my dad used to lie to me when I was still kids said that my grand grand father last time always cycle the bicycle(cycling) from China to Melaka (both way)... At first, I really trust them. But right now, I will laugh & smile big.... Come on....

I can cycle from college to jaya jusco go & back hahaha my grand grand father can cycle from China to Melaka haha...

So any Chinese words you can speak?